Unclogging Drains

Our Plumbers clean all drains, including bath room sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sink’s, salon hair sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, urinals, waterless urinals, floor drains, sewer lines, laundry lines, vents, grease trap lines, mop sinks, and outside storm drain lines. Plumber Fort Worth

We handle all residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning.

To learn more about your specific drain needs, check out our pages on your specific drain type. Our Plumbers do Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Our Plumbers uses the top of the line drain cleaning equipment to clean your drain or sewer and are able to tackle the toughest of tree roots and clogged drains.

In the event that your sewer line is broken or defective and cannot be cleaned we can repair your broken line. Our Plumbers are experts at providing drain and sewer repair and offer affordable and professional work with a guarantee. Our Plumbers Video Sewer Inspection

Buying a house? One of the best investments you can make is to have a video of the sewer line taken before you buy the home. Depending on the depth and location of a sewer line break you can potentially be looking at thousands of dollars to fix the problem. You can have a broken sewer line for months before you are aware and in need of a repair. To learn more check out our sewer line page.Our Plumbers Blocked Kitchen Sink

Blocked kitchen sinks in properties built before the eighties generally go out to an outside drain the problem is normally rust in the outlet pipe and fats or roots in the outside drain or gulley. This is usually quite a simple task to clean and can be cleared with an electric drain cleaning machine. Properties built after the eighties generally have the kitchen sink a long way from the main drains. The kitchen sink drain usually is a smaller pipe than the main drain and runs a long distance underneath the concrete slab of the house and connects directly into the main drain. The blockage is normally just fat build up over time plus the design factor which is prone to blockages .The only way to clear this type of blockage without any dismantling or lifting pavers is from the kitchen sink itself. Our Plumbers Specialised drain cleaning machines or high pressure water jetters need to be utilized.Our Plumbers Blocked Toilet Clearing

A single blocked toilet can be due to excessive amounts of paper, wipes or a toilet freshener that’s gets stuck in the s bend.

This can be normally removed with a plumber’s plunger or special tool called a sani snake. If the toilet still cannot be unblocked then it’s probably roots that have grown into the outlet drain. The cause of root blockages is normally cracks in the drain, previous maintenance or bad installation.

A cleaning access is generally located underground and the toilets outlet drain is scoured clear of roots with a Our Plumbers drain machine from the access, the drain is inspected with a drain camera and a root control system option can be applied. Our Plumbers do Root Control in the drainage pipes.pipe inspection

Once a root blockage has been cleared and inspected with a camera there are generally three options:

1. Wait till the blockage recurs, this could happen at any time, normally during high usage such as weekends or after hours and endure the inconvenience, mess and expenses once again.

2. Excavate the problem area and replace the faulty section of drain. Generally a costly and disruptive exercise, that sometimes can put stress on the old existing pipes causing the exact same issue in another area a few years later.

3. This is the most economical and effective option Utilizing a special machine, the problem area plus drain are pumped with a herbicidal root control foam within an hour of cleaning or six to eight weeks later when the roots start to grow again. The foam starts destroying the roots immediately. The roots in the pipe, in the pipe wall and the roots just outside the pipe die, rot and drop off. This allows ground pressure to assist closing the cracks and gaps in the pipe caused by root growth.

Non-systemic herbicide used, meaning it will only effect root material it comes into contact with and only travel a short distance up the root.

Controlled annual applications guarantees no further root blockages on drains treated.